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Indoor Discount presents its Volcano Classic tabletop sprayer for intense sensation

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  • Volcano Classic for a thick and tasty vaporization

    Electromechanical operation.

    Get a high quality vaporization with the Volcano vaporizer.
    This device is durable over time and is one of the best on the market.
    The Volcano is a Hot Air Generator.

    It is vaporizable by valve balloon.
    You will find a fast heating process.
    Immediate management with the help of a button.

    Convection heating.

    Find a unique design with resistant materials for a safe daily use.

    It is imperative to have a regular maintenance to get a functional device.


    - 1 Power cord
    - 1 tube unit
    - 1 set of air filters
    - 1 power cord
    - 3 Easy valve - Balloon with mouthpiece
    - 1 Easy valve - Balloon with adapter
    - 1 filling chamber (included: 1 lid ring - 1 set of standard sieves of about Ø30mn - 1 cleaning brush).
    - 1 instruction manual
    - 1 grinder for herbs

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