Air dehumidifier

Welcome to our dehumidifier department . Large selection of dehumidifiers in our store at unbeatable prices .

Welcome to our dehumidifier department. Large selection of dehumidifiers in our store at unbeatable prices.

what's a dehumidifier? A dehumidifier is an electrical appliance or machine with a motor that absorbs and removes humidity from a room, bedroom, cellar or any place that's too damp. If you're looking for an appliance with this function, some dehumidifiers are equipped with a hygrostat that triggers the machine when the humidity is too high, thereby lowering the humidity level in your space.

Some dehumidifiers are equipped with a scoop to discharge the water directly into the sewage system, or you can reclaim the water for watering plants in your garden or on your terrace.

Why dehumidify?

because high humidity can be dangerous for your respiratory tract, but it can also lead to fungus and mildew on the walls and ceiling of a bedroom, for example, in which case you'd better prevent the formation of fungus and mildewcis a dehumidifier is essential if you've already installed a VMC or air extractor.

Discover our dehumidifier ranges:

  • Advanced Star
  • VDL
  • Air Naturel
  • Quest dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers Advanced Star dehumidifiers from 0.5 l/day to 1 l/day remove moisture from small surfaces, making them ideal for small grow rooms and indoor cultivators.

The VDL range offers a wide choice of innovative, high-performance products for perfect dehumidification of enclosed spaces.

The VDL range Air Naturel range combines design and performance, with an attractive selection of aesthetic products that fit in perfectly with your interiors. Available in white lacquer, in 1 liter, 8 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters and 40 liters, with direct evacuation and no need for manual emptying.

Quest the most professional range in the dehumidifier sector, 100% American-made, with top-of-the-range products incomparable with what you'll find in your DIY store. We're talking about portable models on castors and carts, high-power dehumidifiers for industrial cultivation rooms, providing the best dehumidification with optical probes to detect day from night, ultra-modern probes to detect humidity levels even in nooks and crannies you wouldn't have thought of Quest is simply the reference capacity from 26 liters to 335 liters per day, buy suspension kits quest to install and suspend your equipment, replacement filters to ensure the highest purity, digital control units to keep your manager at the cutting edge of technology.

we offer a wide choice of products to suit your needs, with portable models ranging from 0.5 l/d, 1 l/day, 8 l, 10 l, 20 l and 40 l/day

for plants where a certain level of humidity must be maintained during the various phases of growth, germination, cuttings, drying and processing of finished products.

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