Air extractor

Welcome to our air extractor department. Our air extractor department offers one of the widest selections of air extractors on the market at unbeatable prices.

Welcome to our air extractor department.

Our air extractor department offers one of the widest selections of air extractors on the market at unbeatable prices.

How does an air extractor work?

An air extractor is an electrical device comprising a UFO-type plastic shell including an air vent on 2 sides of the ventilation device, with 1 side sucking in air and the other side spitting it out. Inside this shell, a motor with propellers is integrated into the shell to operate the extractor.

An air extractor is a ventilation device used to evacuate humid air from a room or building. It draws in excessively humid air from inside and sends it outside through a duct.

How do I connect an air extractor?

  • Electrical connection: open the electrical box on top of the unit, unscrew the screw that holds the box in place, and you'll come across a domino connector that lets you connect it to a 16A socket, or to a 3G1.5mm2 or 3G2.5mm2 cable depending on the machine's power and amperage, if you wish to run it through a dedicated power line to connect it to the electricity meter.
  • Ductwork connection: simply connect the ductwork directly to both ends of the appliance, so you can thread your ventilation tubes and create your ductwork path to evacuate to the desired locations.

What are the diameters of air extractor ducts?

There are a large number of standard diameters suitable for ventilation installations, listed below.

  • 80mm
  • 100mm
  • 125mm
  • 150mm
  • 160mm
  • 200mm
  • 250mm
  • 315mm

Diameters of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 200mm are the most common ventilation diameters, while domestic ventilation for homes tends to focus on 100mm to 150mm.

What type of extractor is available?

  • UFO-type extractor
  • Snail-type extractor
  • Soundproof box-type extractor
  • Silent extractor
  • 2-speed extractor
  • Extractor with integrated thermostat and variable speed drive
  • Extractor with integrated Hygrostat and variable speed drive
  • Extractor with Thermostat/Hygrostat and variable speed control directly on the unit.
  • Duct extractor
  • Greenhouse air extractor
  • EC technology air extractor
  • Metal extractor
  • Axial extractor

Ovni air extractors: the best-selling and most widely used models, along with air aerators and duct extractors, available in a wide range of power ratings and diameters from 100mm to 315mm, from 200m3/h to 1200m3/h on average, available in White, Beige and Black, depending on the brand. The best value for money comes from Winflex ventilation, which offers unbeatable prices.

Snail-type air extractors: an extractor adapted to ventilation boxes, whether in metal or MDF, or installed directly on the wall for extraction in a space where you wish to evacuate without ventilation ducts, easy to install and ultra high-performance from 250m3/h to 6000m3/h. If you're looking for powerful air extractors, you'll be satisfied.

Soundproof air extractors: quiet air extractors that reduce noise by around 60%, and even more if you fit soundproofed ventilation ducts and silencers that attenuate 95% of sound. These air extractors feature a snail-type air extractor installed in the metal or MDF casing, these boxes are lined with a layer of phonic foam to isolate motor noise. Available in power ratings from 250m3/h to 6000m3/h and always in stock, no waiting and express delivery anywhere in France and Europe.

Silenced extractor : A very wide choice of Ovni typesilent air extractors , Tubular which may look like metal silencers aesthetically, but inside they've adapted a BullFan type air extractor, a cylindrical air extractor with the best air flow without loss, you can even float a Balloon in it, it won't fall out, it'll stay enclosed in the air flow powers available from 200m3/h to 3400m3/h with diameters from 100mm to 315mm also available with EC technology. buy your silent extractor at an unbeatable price.

2-speed air extractor: discover our selection of2-speed air extractors by Winflex ventilation and Prima Klima who offer unique products in ventilation with a switch on the top to vary the power in M3/h, easy to use. Available from 100mm to 250mm.

Thermostat + Variator air extractor: This extractor is equipped with a remote temperature sensor, a speed variator to regulate power in m3/h and manage temperature thanks to the thermostat which will automatically regulate the device by switching it on or off to adapt to the desired temperature in the space or room. ideal for grow cabinets.

Hygrostat + dimmer air extractor: based on the same concept, but this time equipped with a hygrostat that triggers the unit according to the desired humidity level and switches the ventilation unit on or off to extract and evacuate humid air to the outside or through the ventilation duct leading to the outside. a product ideally suited to humid rooms, grow rooms and indoor cultivation, it also features a remote probe for greater precision.

Hygrostat + Thermostat + Variator air extractor: still the same concept, except that this device is the most complete air extractor, incorporating the very latest technology and offering you real climate management of your space, with temperature and humidity control, a remote probe and variable speed control. Perfect management at a great value for money, which frankly saves you money - we're unbeatable on prices, so you can be even more satisfied.

Duct Air Extractors: A wide choice of in-line air extractors adapted to be ventilation reinforcements in your ducts in order to better propel the air towards the outside, for example the TT, TTU or TTUn range are very adapted extractors because they can be installed in-line and you can dismantle the motor in order to access the duct or simply replace the motor in case of failure, 2 clips to undo and it's dismantled, practical air extractors, easy to install and very economical available in all diameters and power.

Greenhouse air extractors: a wide choice of air extractors suitable for greenhouse ventilation, resistant to high humidity levels, and ultra-powerful devices for perfect air circulation throughout your professional or recreational crops.

EC air extractors: this technology was created and adapted to ventilation appliances in order to comply with the new ecological standards, which were designed to reduce the electricity consumption of appliances used in construction and housing, because these appliances operate almost continuously, and this technology allows you to make savings because these extractors consume between 2 and 4 times less current spent. We have a wide range of products adapted to this standard for your ventilation needs.

Which brands of air extractors are available from stock?

  • Winflex Ventilation
  • BullFan and BullMax
  • Prima Klima
  • CanFan
  • Secret Jardin
  • GSE
  • GAS Systemair

Air extractor for grow room:

in order to equip your grow cabinet, you need an air extractor that will evacuate the air from the chamber, to which a charcoal filter can be added to filter bad odors to the outside. But you also need an air intractor.

What's an air intractor? Simply put, an air intractor is an air extractor that's installed in the opposite direction. Instead of drawing air in to evacuate the air outside, it draws air out to bring fresh air into the grow room to refresh the ambient air, provide Co2 , and evacuate the heat from sodium lamps, which can quickly raise the temperature of your indoor growing space.

Which air extractor should you choose? Make your selection on our online store indoordiscount from our wide selection , for advice you can contact us by email or phone .

Looking for a low-cost air extractor for indoor cultivation?

Also known as an air aerator or extractor / duct fan, this device is essential for your grow box / grow room. Your grow room is a closed space, and your plant needs to breathe to avoid asphyxiation. Lighting (with HPS lamps, for example, or horticultural LEDs) also generates heat, so the air needs to be renewed. The intractor is used to produce the air flow, while the ventilation unit recovers the outside air, which is then discharged by the extractor (also known as negative pressure ventilation / NPV). Air is essential for good growth and flowering of your plantations (feminized seeds). The fan/air blower will also be important for maintaining a good level of humidity for the plant. If you wish to soundproof your installation, we offer soundproof extractor boxes.