Welcome to our fertilizer section Plagron for hydroponics and grow your plants with high-performance mineral fertilizers.

Welcome to our fertilizer section Plagron for hydroponics and grow your plants with high-performance mineral fertilizers.

where the fertilizer brand is manufactured Plagron ?

in the Netherlands, near Eindhoven, a small town about 1 hour from ParisAmsterdam the capital of flowers, with its superb flower market near the canal in the center of town.

how to use our range of fertilizers Plagron for hydroponics consists of a two-component fertilizer base with the Hydro A and B products, a growth and flowering fertilizer suitable for soilless cultivation.

The range Plagron is made up of numerous additives and boosters to stimulate the different vegetative and floral periods, starting with Power Roots, theroot stimulator, and Vita Race to stimulate growth.

PK 13/14 for the floral explosion of your buds.

pH minus to lower the ph of your nutrient solution.

PureZym additive and fertilizer, an enzymatic solution for decomposing dead roots and better absorption of new nutrients.

Buy PLAGRON fertilizers for your hydroponic and aeroponic crops or on coco fiber with the different product ranges available such as HYDRO A+B a concentrated range for soilless cultivation, and Coco A+B special for coco fiber as well as all the rest of the range like the SUGAR ROYAL sugar booster or the GREEN SENSATION bloom booster the 4 in 1 booster to make your flowers explode at the end of bloom.

If you're looking for a range of easy-to-use fertilizers that deliver superb results with explosive vegetative growth and abundant harvests, with top-quality flowers, fruit and vegetables with consistent, colorful fruit and super-powerful flavors and aromas.

In our online store you'll find all the application charts fertilizers plagron for the different phases of growth and flowering.

How much light is needed for growth? 18h light and 6h night.

What lighting time for flowering? 12 hours of light and 12 hours of night.

What is the PH for hydroponics? PH must be between 5.5 and 6.2

In which containers are fertilizers available? Plagron? they are available in 100ml , 250ml , 500ml , 1 liter , 5 liters , 10 liters and 20 liters.

All products Plagron are in stock and we deliver your fertilizers anywhere in France and Europe within 24 to 48 hours.

On each bottle you'll find the application dosage for the product in question.

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Fertilizers Plagron are also available in starter Pack ideal for beginners and first crops.

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