Welcome to the CANNA fertilizer department for hydroponics , aeroponics , coconut fibre and all types of soilless cultivation.

Welcome to the CANNA fertilizer department for hydroponics, aeroponics, coconut fibre and all types of soilless cultivation.

Where fertilizers are made Canna the solution for Grow and Bloom?

brand fertilizers Canna fertilizers are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, and yes, our beloved Holland, the land of cheese but not only, flowers and horticultural production is of high-precision performance in this Nordic country.

This complete range of fertilizers includes bi-component A+B fertilizers as well as a wide range of additives and boosters such as :

rHIZOTONIC root stimulator, a root activator that develops rootlets and roots,

Discover the CANNABOOST flowering booster , the CANNASTART to start your growth a light fertilizer ideal for restarting ,

hYDRO VEGA A+B hydroponic fertilizer for open-circuit growth, HYDRO FLORES A+B mineral fertilizer for open-circuit flowering

for closed circuits, use AQUA VEGA A+B for growth and AQUA FLORES A+B for flowering

for coir, use COCO A+B and for COGR-type compressed coir loaves, use COGR VEGA A+B for growth and COGR FLORES A+B for flowering.

Remember to use CANNAZYM for better nutrient absorption and decomposition of dead roots, and PK 13/14 for a floral explosion in the brand Canna fertilizer

discover the starter Pack CANNA HYDRO for beginners one pack complete for about 1m2 of cultivation in a grow room, for example, or any type of indoor cultivation installation.

Don't forget CANNA FLUSH, the ideal product for rinsing your crops and removing fertilizers from the plant as effectively as possible. Rinsing is an important phase in obtaining full-bodied flavors and aromas.

Remember to regulate PH with PH minus and PH plus acids to balance your PH, which should be between 5.5 and 6.2 for soilless cultivation.

Find out how to dose your fertilizers and for which vegetative or flowering period.

for which type of substrate fertilizers canna clay balls, perlite, coconut fiber, chili peat moss, horticultural rock wool.

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Express delivery of your fertilizers canna 24h/48h in France and Europe

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