Soundproofing duct

Welcome to our Rockwool soundproofed aluminium ducting section for your ventilation and mechanical ventilation ducts

Welcome to our Rockwool soundproofed aluminium ducting section for your ventilation and mechanical ventilation ducts

What is the purpose of soundproof ventilation ducts?

These are flexible pipes or ventilation ducts for circulating a flow of air that you want to extract (let out) or intract (let in), adapted to ventilation devices such as air extractors, air aerators, duct fans or air extractor boxes.

What diameters are available for these ventilation ducts?

all sizes available in 100mm, 125mm, 152mm, 163mm, 204mm, 254mm, 315mm and 400mm.

How is soundproof ducting made? It consists of 2 layers of aluminum ducting enclosing a thick layer of rock wool or wadding to soundproof the sound created by the flow of air pushed through the ventilation ducts.

dosoundproof ducts reduce noise? These ventilation ducts can reduce the noise of circulating air by 60%. You can add duct silencers to be installed in line, and install ultra-quiet ventilation units to totally reduce noise.

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What other types of ventilation ducting are available?

in our department, you'll find the widest choice of insulated and soundproofed ventilation ducts that reduce noise by up to 50% from ventilation appliances or flexible ventilation tubes made of pure aluminum, M1 fire-retardant for certain models, suitable for connection to air extractors and VMC systems for installation in homes such as bathrooms and toilets, for example.these ventilation ducts can be integrated into false ceilings or behind BA13 walls, in the case of indoor cultivation these ducts are used to connect air aerators , TT type extractors or VK type ovni ,These ventilation ducts are sold in boxes of 10m or cut by the linear meter so as not to stock for nothing, connect directly to the extractor then connect to an external mouth, for an air intraction it's the same in the opposite direction.Whether you're looking for 125mm or 127mm aluminum ducting, 100mm ducting or 150mm flexible tubing, indoordiscount offers you the best prices for your industrial and domestic ventilation installations.

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