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find the whole range of soundproofed air extractors , winflex tt silent , iso max can fan The best soundproof extractors can be found in our soundproof air extractor department at indoor discount your growshop and specialist in industrial and domestic ventilation, air circulation and ...

find the whole range of soundproofed air extractors, winflex tt silent , iso max can fan The best soundproof extractors can be found in our soundproof air extractor department at indoor discount your growshop and specialist in industrial and domestic ventilation, air circulation and air renewal in an enclosed space or growing cupboard for indoor growing nicknamed indoor growing

An air extractor is an industrial or domestic ventilation device used to renew the air in a room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, office or commercial space. Because the air we breathe is important, you need to use and install an air extractor to evacuate excessively humid air or simply to ventilate your space.

A range of silent air extractors has been invented, with a system of foam insulation of the unit's shell to isolate the noisy sound of air extractor motors sucking at full power. These new technologies can reduce sound pollution by up to 60%, depending on the model and its power, because these silent, soundproof air extractors are available in a wide range of diameters and powers.

Silencer diameters: 100mm,125mm,150mm,160mm,200mm,250mm and 315mm

What's the difference between a conventional silent extractor and an EC technology silent extractor?

EC technology uses less electricity, so it's more economical, and complies with ecological standards, so the planet we love consumes less.

The silent extractor ranges :

Winflex TT silent

BullMax Fan Silent EC technology

Iso Max Can Fan

QMax Can Fan EC technology

Systemair GAS EC technology

Soundproofed extractor boxes

Prima Klima Whsp2 Silent

Winflex ventilation a French brand of top-quality ventilation products and its TT silent range available from 125mm 340 M3/h to 315mm 1950 M3/h an ultra-quiet, high-performance range, one of the quietest on the market

BullMax Fan silent is a range of ultra-silent, high-performance tubular extractors, one of the quietest on the market without comparison. It lives up to your expectations, encased in an ultra-light aluminum tube with an egg-crate-shaped insulating foam to isolate sound as far as possible, and isolate the noise from the motor, which doesn't make any thanks to its EC technology, which makes it even more economical, the BullMax range is powerful, with 150mm models delivering 594 M3/h and up to 315mm models delivering 2987 M3/h. These are war machines with a much more powerful straight airflow - the only air extractors with Qmax or Iso max that can float a plastic balloon like a concentration beam.

Isomax and QMAX Fan range from Can Filters a world-renowned brand in the odor filtration industry with their carbon filter, and their range of soundproofed air extractors like the BullMax Fans designed in a metal tube soundproofed with insulating foam and a more economical isomax version and Qmax the higher-end version including EC technology.

Systemair GAS Stratos EC technology extractors are silent, ultra-high-performance products divided into 2 STRATOS ranges: the classic STRATOS range, which is less powerful than QMAX or BULLMAX, and the STRATOS REVOLUTION SILENCED range, which is also less powerful but very quiet, with external foam to increase the ventilation unit's silent mode.

soundproofed extractor boxes are extractor units enclosed in a wooden or metal box, depending on the model. These boxes are fitted with a foam covering the inner walls, 2.5cm thick, which isolates the sound inside the box, and the air extractor inside is suspended on 4 large suspension rings to avoid vibrations. They also add a piece of very thick rock wool soundproof SONO ducting to finish off isolating the sounds of the machinery once it's running, which is impressive: you can't hear a thing, and even less if you add soundproof ducting for the machine's external ventilation ducts.

PRIMA KLIMA WHSP2 the new-generation air extractor where they've invented a way of circulating high-powered air like a vortex, reducing noise by over 55% with a fairly classic, high-performance UFO-type air extractor available in 125mm, 150/160mm and 200mm, soon to be available in 250 and 315mm

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