Lighting and electricity

Discover our selection of products designed to make your daily life easier. Whether for comfort, surveillance or energy savings, from simple dimmer switches to connected video phones and surveillance cameras, you will find what you need

Discover our selection of products designed to make your daily life easier. Whether for comfort, surveillance or energy savings, from simple dimmer switches to connected video phones and surveillance cameras, you will find what you need

Discover among our wide selection the best Led brands such as Lumatek and its Zeus and ATS panels available in several wattages , Indoorled and its range of horticultural Led lamps suitable for your grow rooms, Hellion Led therange created by Adjust a wing , Cultilite, Prima Klima , Sanlight , Magnus Led and many other models such as Led panel, ledbar neon tube available in 26 and 42w.

We specialize in HPS, MH, CMH and double ended lamp kits, as well as all their components such as electronic and magnetic ballasts, high-pressure sodium bulbs, metal halide or ceramic metal halide bulbs, suspensions for your grow lamps.

electrical connection accessories, including 16A sockets or IEC sockets and cables, connection cables such as 3G1.5mm2 or connection lugs for safe connection.

a range of programmers, timers and timer relays to turn your lights on and off during the 18h/day growing season and 12h/day flowering season.

you'll find all the accessories you need to make all types of connections for your grow rooms, as well as Led bulbs for the home, spotlights and energy-saving, long-lasting lights.

On our online store you'll find lighting to suit your needs, or adapted to all cabinet sizes for indoor cultivation and abundant harvests 365 days a year.

The widest choice at unbeatable prices to light your indoor cupboard surfaces and enjoy seeing your plants grow like you've never seen them before.

Our Led Horticultural lighting ranges:

  1. Indoorled led horticultural
  2. Lumatek horticultural led
  3. Magnus Led
  4. Prima Klima Led horticultural
  5. Gavita horticultural led
  6. Cultilite led horticole
  7. Sunlight Led horticole
  8. Sanlight Led horticole
  9. Advanced Star Led horticole
  10. Hellion Led horticole

Indoorled : a range of horticultural leds including horticultural led panels divided into several ranges HPS killer the reference Led that destroys all HPS lamps on the market without comparison available in many wattages suitable for grow rooms , discover the HPS KILLER 120w ideal for a 60x60cm growing and flowering room, full spectrum including infrared and ultraviolet, a mix of high-performance COB and more traditional LED technology with 120° diffusion magnifiers for optimum distribution of light flux over the entire growing surface, the HPS KILLER 270w model suitable for an 80x80cm surface and offering the same technical characteristics, available in 480w for a surface of 120x120cm maximum, and the 700w model for a 150x150cm surface. the HPS KILLER models are also available in a modular version with mounting brackets, so you can assemble them to obtain custom-made Led panels with ultimate performance, enabling you to create 2 blocks of 120w for a 240w model, or 3 blocks in lengths of 3x120w, reaching 360w for a device in a length of around 100c x 35cm - ideal for surfaces measuring 120x60cm and obtaining abundant harvests, but that's not all: create 4 x 120w for a 480w modular unit, or 6x 120w to create a 720w panel, modular to your requirements and enabling you to equip all sizes of grow rooms with a high-performance product.

Lumatek zeus: a complete range of Led horticultural lighting fixtures adapted to cuttings, growth and flowering, discover the Zeus lighting range of LED spyder for optimum diffusion, available in 465w, 600w and 1000w in classic or PRO version, depending on your needs in Umol/m2 PPFD , this range includes the ATS and ATS Pro range available in 200w and 300w , Led Bar available in 50w and 100w , innovative, robust and high-performance products for indoor cultivation .

MagnusLed: a professional, high-performance range.

Prima KlimaLed: discover the wide range of horticultural LEDs from the Czech brand and get productive harvests that will put a smile on your face.

GavitaLed horticole: the American leader in LEDs for horticulture and indoor production.

Cultilite sunlight Led: Led in violet design for indoor growing with a full spectrum and high performance .

Sunlight Led : American LEDs are now available at indoordiscount at the best price.

Advanced Star ledstar: competitively-priced horticultural Led bulbs with impressive results. The Ledstar range of inexpensive, full-spectrum horticultural Led bulbs for abundant harvests, the ideal bulb to start growing at low prices.

Hellion Led: horticultural Led created by the manufacturer of Adjust A wing reflectors.

However, if you'd like to buy a lamp kit, you'll need to go to the Ballast and Transformers aisles, in the Bulbs aisle and the Reflectors aisle

The different types of Horticultural Led :

  • Panels LED
  • Bulb LED
  • LED Spyder
  • lighting LED
  • Headlamps LED
  • Lamp Kit LED
  • LedBar or neon LED

Our range of ballasts and transformers: Discover ballasts to power your HPS and MH lamp kits.

  • Magnetic ballast
  • Electronic ballast

Our range of bulbs from 150w to 1000w:in this range you'll find the best-known brands like Philips, Sylvania, Superplant, Calitek, Osram, Gavita, Dimlux

  • Bulb HPS 150w to 1000w
  • Bulb MH 150w to 1000w
  • CMH bulb
  • HPS DE bulb
  • CFL bulb from 125w to 300w

In our department you'll find a wide range of reflectors for maximum light distribution on plants and increased yields for indoor cultivation.

Our range of reflectors :

  • Cooltube reflector
  • Open reflector
  • Closed reflector
  • Glazed and ventilated reflectors
  • Adjust A Wing reflector
  • Double Lamp Reflector
  • CFL reflector
  • Parabolic reflector

You'll find the best selection of reflectors for horticultural lighting in our department, enabling you to improve your lighting system and better develop your indoor plants and obtain better harvests during your flowering phases.

Square, rectangular or round reflectors, find the right size for your growing space.

Our reflectors are suitable for high-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps, and most are equipped with an E40 socket for electrical connection.

Our department includes a complete range of reflective paper to reflect light from the walls back to the plants and make the most of the lighting system.

Our range of reflective paper:

  • Classic Mylar
  • Mylar Diamond
  • Black and white tarpaulin
  • Film Orca (optical quality)

Our Electrical Connections department enables all types of electrical installation. You'll find electric meters, multi-socket outlets, all types of electrical wiring, extension cords, biplites, triplites and quadruplites at the best prices on the web, a wide selection of electrical terminals, fuses, materials and tools essential for your electrical installation projects.

Our range of products and electrical connections:

  • Power strips and extension cords
  • Electrical cables
  • Fuses
  • Electrical conduit
  • Electrical terminals
  • connection accessories
  • Earthing
  • Circuit breakers
  • Electrical clamps
  • tools and measuring tools
  • Junction boxes
  • Protection boxes
  • unwinders

Daily or weekly programmers, connected sockets, timer relays, devices for controlling several lamps at once, for better management of your electrical and horticultural lighting installations.

Our programmer range includes :

  • Daily timer
  • Weekly programmer
  • Digital multi-program timer
  • Notch timer
  • Multi-Lamp Relay Timer
  • Digital on-board computer programmer

Our catalog of more than 16,000 references offers you a wide range of possibilities and a choice of important products at unbeatable prices and in stock delivered to you in 24h/48h by chronopost.

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