House & Garden nutrients

Welcome to our HOUSE and GARDEN fertilizer department. The Dutch brand, now made in California , offers a complete range of fertilizers for hydroponics and all types of soilless cultivation.

Welcome to our HOUSE and GARDEN fertilizerdepartment. TheDutch brand, now made in California, offers a complete range of fertilizers for hydroponics and all types of soilless cultivation.

A range of complete and balanced fertilizers including a wide range of stimulators, growth and bloom boosters adapted for your indoor crops to obtain the best development in your growth phases and impressive floral booms with abundant harvests and easy to use for the budding grower.

Discover fertilizers house and garden for hydroponics :

  • Aqua Flakes A+B
  • Hydro A+B
  • Coco A+B

House and garden nutrients additives :

  • Roots Excerulator Gold
  • Roots excelurator Silver
  • Drip Clean
  • Multi Zen
  • Algen Extract
  • Amino treatement
  • Nitrogen Boost
  • Bud XL
  • Top Booster
  • Shooting Powder
  • Top Shooter
  • Magic Green
  • Magnesium boost
  • Rhizoforce

poulr fertilizers :

Aqua Flakes is a bi-component A+B fertilizer for growth and flowering, suitable for hydroponic crops

Hydro A+B is a bi-component A+B fertilizer for above-ground crops such as rockwool or in open circuits.

Coco A+B is a Bi-component fertilizer suitable for growing on coconut fiber.

For additives:

Roots EXCELURATOR Gold is the most concentrated and nasty version of the root stimulators on the market - the only one capable of giving it a kick up the arse is Rhizoponics from platinium nutrients the silver bottle is a highly concentrated and powerful root activator for root development.

Drip Clean to clean your growing systems and make your watering and irrigation systems more fluid.

Multi Zen for maximum results with every harvest.

Algen extract is a blend of top-quality Norwegian seaweed obtained by cold pressing, which helps preserve its quality.

Amino treatement to obtain a large quantity of amino acids available for the plants, vitamins for the musculation of your plants.

Nitrogen Boost is a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to regulate your nitrogen deficiencies .

Bud XL to be used in the last weeks of flowering to obtain denser and more compact fruits.

Top Booster prepares the ground for Bud XL and Shooting Powder and gives the plant all the nutrients it needs.

Shooting Powder is the Pk 50/30 booster of the range, a powerful and economical booster that's also easy to use: 0.3 g per liter of water . ready-to-use sachets.

Top Shooter is simply the liquid version of shooting powder. Of course, it can't be the same as PK 50/30, but for those who prefer the liquid version of PK, they've made it for you.

Magic Green a foliar fertilizer spray to boost plant vitality.

Magnesium Boost is a magnesium-based fertilizer suitable for balancing or regulating deficiencies, a good source of vitamins for plants.

Rhizoforce is a slow-release granular fertilizer for enriching potting soils, coco fiber or peat moss with nutrients.

Here's a small tour of our fertilizer department House and Garden nutrient range adapted to soilless cultivation.

What kind of substrates can I use these fertilizers with? Clay beads, coco fiber, rockwool in hydroponic and aeroponic systems of all types.

What PH levels to water my plants: in hydroponics, we recommend watering with a ph level of between 5.5 and 6.2.

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