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  • EC motor ventilation controller - Bullgenius

    Bullfilter innovates with the ideal accessory to manage the temperature of your ventilated spaces. BULL GENIUS EC Fan Smart Controller. This intelligent speed controller can manage up to 4 EC fans simultaneously. Equipped with a thermal sensor, which allows the controller to register temperature changes in the environment, it will allow you to manually or fully automatically adapt the efficiency of your fans.

    Connect up to 4 fans per controller

    Tips :

    Channel 1 and 2: BULLFAN 200 1205m3/h = EXTRACTION
    Channel 3 and 4: BULLFAN 150 596m3/h = INTRACTION

    With a connection of 4 Bullfan or similar Bullmax, the setting will be identical with the same power for the 4 channels.
    To have a vacuum with several aerators in the same space with the Bullgenius controller, it will be necessary to have different sizes between extraction and intraction with a lower power for the intraction.

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