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Tide table system 3m2 complete + 18 Airpots 9.2L - Flowtable Pro

Indoor Discount presents its Tide Table System 3m2 complete + 18 Airpots 9.2L - Flowtable Pro

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  • Complete installation for a tide table Flowtable Pro, hydroponic system accessible to all

    This tidal table hydroponic system, easy to install and maintain yourself, works with capillary irrigation and is ideal for soil, coconut fibre and rock woolsubstrates.

    This type of horticultural system is used by professionals as well as budding growers.

    Tide tables FlowtableThe 15cm deep water tank for optimal immersion of your plants and allowing superb oxygenation, offers you a culture not only fast but also economical and abundant!

    Characteristics :
    - tide table Flowtable 3m² of 122 x 240 x 15 cm
    - complete irrigation kit
    - Maxi Jet water pump
    - timer
    - 85L tank
    - 18 Airpots of 9.2L
    - complete structure (tip when mounting: use a mallet instead of a hammer)
    - substrate not included

  • 1 x Tide table Flowtable 4x8 - 1220 x 2400 mm
    1 x Set of parts for tide table platinium hydroponics
    1 x Tank 2m² for system Platinium Modular 300 L
    1 x AQUARIUM SYSTEMS - MAXI-JET water pump MJ 500 250 50HZ
    18 x AIR POT HYDRO 9.2 L
    1 x Irrigation for tide table system 3m2 - Flowtable Pro
    6 x Modular aluminium frame tube - 23.5mm x 0. 3m square - For M20
    7 x Modular aluminium frame tube - 23.5mm x 1m square - For M20
    4 x Angle connector 90° for PVC/aluminium tube - white 3-pin 23.5mm square
    2 x 90° connector junction for PVC/aluminium pipe - white 4 pins 23.5mm square
    • Number of pots
      18 jars
    • Type
      Système table à marée
    • Ecotax

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