LED horticultural HPS Killer 660W - Superplant

Indoor Discount presents the lighting LED hPS Killer full-spectrum horticultural lighting

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  • Power
    660 W
  • Bulb type
  • Type
    DWC system
  • Eco-participation in euros
  • Lighting LED Full-spectrum HPS Killer

    Prepare for a revolution in indoor cultivation with the HPS Killer 660W Superplant.
    The latest masterpiece in horticultural lighting promises a dazzling growing experience. These special mounting bars allow you to easily assemble and secure up to 6 modules of LED HPS Killer modules, providing anextensive horticultural lighting surface that will do wonders for your plants.

    Let us remind you why the HPS Killer 660W is a revelation for discerning growers. These LED horticultural lighting modules are simply better, more energy-efficient and easier to use than traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting systems. But that's not all! Our HPS Killer 660W expands the light source, offering your plants a wider, optimal light spectrum, which translates into incredibly high efficiencies. Compared with competitors in the sector, the HPS Killer 660W Superplant is a powerful, high-tech design.

    But let's not forget to stress that this kit is designed exclusively for horticultural lighting. It is not intended for the illumination of domestic spaces. So, seize this opportunity to revolutionize your indoor growing and get ready to reap the rewards of success!
    The height between the plants and the lighting can be from 35 cm to 70 cm.

    The full spectrum of this fantastic light means it can be used during both the growing and flowering phases.
    To power it, you'll need a digital ballast Superplant 600W digital ballast (not included).
    The system develops very little heat, thanks to a design of LED
    Storage is simple, quick and efficient, thanks to the 3-part folding of the 6 bars LED
    Compatible with the following ballast wattages: 250W / 315 W / 400 W / 600 W / 660 W. Please select material Superplant.
    Depending on the ballast, you'll get a different µmol output, with a maximum of 1848 µmol/s - 2.8 µmol/s/W.
    Long-lasting with bars LED replaceable bars

    Information :

    - Power: 660W
    - Product dimensions: 1100 x 1100 x 90mm
    - Net weight: 10kg
    - Gross weight: 12kg
    - Operating temperature: -20°C to 35°C
    - Illumination angle: 120°
    - Power factor: >0.9
    - Number of bars LED : 6
    - Lighting system: 2250 x LM281B + PRO + 90 x SMD3535 660nm
    - 3-year warranty

    The pack contains :

    - Bar system LED simple: 6
    - Non-adjustable suspension: 2
    - Adjustable suspension: 2
    - Instructions: FR & EN

    • Power
      660 W
    • Bulb type
    • Type
      DWC system
    • Eco-participation in euros
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