Led Quantum Bears - 260W - Calitek

Maximize your indoor cultivation with LED quantum Bears 260 horticultural Calitek

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  • Power
    260 W
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  • Quantum Bears, the perfect light blanket for your plants

    Discover the lamp LED quantum Bears horticultural lamp Calitekhorticultural lamp, perfectly suited to both novice and professional growers.

    The Quantum Bears from Calitek offers optimum lighting for your plants, with a full spectrum similar to that of the sun, uniform light distribution and flawless performance thanks to its innovative technology and durability.

    Advantages of Quantum Bears 260W

    Discover a revolutionary product offering a multitude of benefits for successful, effortless indoor growing.

    Thanks to LED technology, exceptional quality and optimum performance are guaranteed.
    This product's horticultural lighting features a balanced full spectrum, ensuring even light distribution and homogeneous coverage, even at short distances from the crop. No need to worry about shadows or uneven light distribution, as each plant will receive the light it needs to thrive.

    Its ultra-flat design is perfectly suited to small growing spaces and grow tents. You can install it easily and optimize the available space without compromising the growth of your plants.

    And the benefits don't stop there! Thanks to LED effective, this product willincrease your yield andimprove the quality of your crops. Plants will benefit from a high-quality light source, promoting vigorous growth and optimal development.
    What's more, this product offers the option of lighting control via an external digital lighting controller, to be purchased separately.

    Optimum lighting for your plants

    The Quantum Bears linear luminaire from Calitek quantum Bears linear luminaire stands out for its high lighting performance, with a PPF level of 728 μmol/s and an efficacy of up to 2.8 µmol/J.

    Calitek offers solutions LED full-spectrum solutions, guaranteeing an optimum balance between light quality (spectra) and light quantity (intensity and duration). With this approach, you benefit from an even distribution of light, essential for the growth of your plants.

    The addition of infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV ) light enables Quantum Bears to reproduce a full spectrum similar to that of the sun. This unique feature maximizes your plants' potential, whether you're using a grow room or an open cultivation space. Quantum Bears ensure even light distribution throughout your crops, both during the growing and flowering phases.

    Give your plants the optimum lighting they need with Quantum Bears from Calitek. Its full spectrum and uniform distribution of photons over the cultivated area guarantee outstanding results throughout your plants' life cycle.

    Flawless performance

    Using high-quality drivers and high-efficiency LEDs, this horticultural lamp produces a full-spectrum light source suitable for all plant development cycles

    99% loss-free light transmission thanks to innovative technology developed by Calitek. This technology also protects the LED to ensure a long life for your luminaire. Finally, its design makes it resistant to corrosion and humidity, with an IP65 waterproof rating.

    Cleaning is as simple as wiping with damp absorbent cotton, making maintenance a breeze.

    Quantum Bears adapts to a variety of crops without compromising efficiency.

    Optimum control of your crops

    Quantum Bears are compatible with current control systems using a 0-10V output signal.
    This means you can set time delay, automatic dimming, temperature security, sunrise and sunset modes using external digital lighting controllers.

    It's possible to connect several luminaires in a daisy-chain to manage them with a single "master" device that will control switching and dimming on all connected luminaires.

    Technical specifications:

    - Product dimensions: 570 x 570 x 50mm

    - Carton dimensions: 630 x 620 x 85mm

    - Net / Gross weight : 2.6 Kg / 4.5 Kg

    - Power consumption: 260W

    - Light output: 728 μmol/s

    - Light source: Honglitronic SMD2835 x 1008pcs + SMD3535 x 52pcs

    - Color LED 4000K White + 660nm Red + 390nm UV + 740nm IR

    - PPF efficiency: 2.8 μmol/J

    - Spectrum: Full Spectrum - UV + IR

    - Voltage / Frequency: AC100-277V 50/60Hz

    - Power supply: Sosen LED Driver

    - Power factor: > 0.90

    - Control: Master and slave daisy-chain control - Supports any external 0-10V controller

    - Distribution angle: 120

    - Operating temperature : -25°~35°C

    - Warranty : 3 years

    Scope of delivery pack :

    - 1 light panel LED horticultural

    - 1 power cable

    - 1 RJ12 signal cable

    - 2 adjustable suspension kits

    - 2 non-adjustable suspension kits

    • Power
      260 W
    • Bulb type
    • Color
    • Eco-participation in euros
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