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Hormone cuttings 100% Organic

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CloneX Roots Activator of root growth for cuttings

CloneX Roots by Platinium Nutrients is an enhancer of root growth that will allow your young cuttings to initiate the development of your first roots. CloneX Roots is a product that is 100% natural and organic that will strengthen the resistance of your plant and ensure a better absorption of the nutrients present in your nutrient solution.

How to use CloneXRoots?

Here are the 4 steps to use Clone XRoots:

  1. The choice of medium: In greenhouses, Plates (type Easy Plug) or Rock Wool
  2. The choice of the substrate: Earth, Ball clay, Sphagnum moss or Coco
  3. Prepare your cuttings: See the page dedicated to the cuttings and the germination
  4. Three possibilities for use :choice of
    1/ Use the product directly : cuttings and young plant, soak them in the solution before planting.
    Take a teaspoon, fill with Clone Xroots (more simple to recover it with the pipette-cutting of the plug). Then soak the cuttings directly in the liquid concentrate 1 to 2 seconds. It is possible to dip the cuttings directly in the bottle, but not advisable. And a spoon recommended to avoid contamination of the product Clone Xroots remaining, you can pour the rest of the spoon in the spray solution at 2 ml/L. Think of water immediately afterwards.
    2/ Use directly in the nutrient solution : 1 to 2ml/Liter. Shake well the solution.
    3/ economic Usage : dipping possible at 2ml/L for cost savings.

Composition of the Clone XRoots

Usable in organic agriculture in application of the EC regulation n° 834/2007.

Organic matter

  • 50% of dry matter
  • Osyr 40%, sulphur trioxide (SO3) 8%
  • pH= 3,7 +/- 0,7
  • Contains lignosulfonate


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