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Le Chanvrier Suisse

CBD Oil 6000mg - CBG - CBN - 30ml - The Chanvrier Switzerland

Indoor Discountpresents the CBD / CBG / CBN oil full spectrum

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  • Oil - CBD / CBG / CBN

    The exceptional and qualitative aromas ofthe hemp oil will surprise you by a faithful resemblance to the original flower.
    The effect of CBD / CBG / C BN will allow you an effective intellectual and physical relaxation for a daily well-being.

    According to the most recent studies, the mixture of the molecules also has anxiolytic properties, and regulates the crises of anxiety and the symptoms of anxiety...
    Can also be useful for recreational pleasure.

    With high-end oil, you will get instant gratification and incomparable flavor.

    Discover quickly the virtues of CBD with a large choice of products for an ideal use and at your convenience.
    Find at Indoor Discount the best CBD products in the form of cream, oil, spray, E-Liquid, candy etc..

    Information :

    - Molecule: CBD = Cannabinoids and CBG = Cannabigerol and CBN
    - Complete mixture: Full Spectrum
    - CBD: 6000mg
    - Volume: 30ml
    - Product tested in laboratory
    - The flowers come from organic farming

    Product forbidden to minors and to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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