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Data sheet

  • Packaging
    325 ml
  • Type of use
    Flowering stimulator
  • Application
    Coco, Laine de roche, Minéral, Hydroponique, Terre
  • Favors horticultural crops for the long flowering period

    Rokzbastic's composition of minerals and biostimulants ensures dazzling results.
    Rokzbastic is ideally suited to the flowering phase of long-flowering genetics.
    This additive ensures professional results and a spectacular final yield.
    The fruit will have a compact appearance and the flower a powerful aroma.

    Rokzbastic liquid flowering stimulator is ideal for growing red tomatoes, peppers, citrus fruits, chillies...
    It also favors hibiscus, roses and orchids.

    Rokzbastic maximizes flowering capacity.
    In its composition, potassium dominates over phosphorus, (2x more) for a highly favorable result.
    Its Pk 10-20 enables the crop to provide energy to form resistant and productive flowers.
    Sufficiently low in ballast to obtain low sodium and chlorine levels.
    The nutrients in Rokzbastic are reliable and rich. Contains (1% iron).

    (Unique 1:2 ratio). Its use allows results far superior to other products on the market.
    This additive can be used in different hydroponic systems or in soil.
    Please never exceed the EC recommended for your genetics.

    Dosage :

    Dosages: 0.5ml/1ml/ per liter of water

    Compositions :

    FERTILIZER NFU 42-0002-2
    20.4% water-soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O).
    9.9% total Phosphoric Anhydride (P2O5) of which 9.9% water-soluble.
    0.86% Iron (Fe) chelated by water-soluble EDTA (chelating agent content 5.43%)
    0.10% Iron (Fe) chelated by water-soluble EDDHA (chelating agent content 1.13%)
    Suspension PK 10-20 and Iron

    Information :

    - Packaging: 325ml
    - Dosages: 0.5ml/1ml/ per liter of water
    - Liquid fertilizer
    - Can be used at the same time as fertilizers already included in the program, in particular Bloomastic
    - Use during the 4th to 6th week of flowering (ripening)
    - Caution, Rokzbastic increases the EC level
    - Contains no fibers

    Good to know:

    Caution. You must observe the precautions for use.
    H412 - Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects.
    H319 - Causes severe eye irritation.

    • Packaging
      325 ml
    • Type of use
      Flowering stimulator
    • Application
      Coco, Laine de roche, Minéral, Hydroponique, Terre
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