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BioCanna Rhizotonic 1 L - Canna root stimulator, root stimulator

Indoor Discount presents you the BioCanna Rhizotonic 1 L of the brand Canna.

Fertilizer, root stimulator for growing on soil or coconut fibres, available in 250 ml and 1 L.

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(€33.12 L)

  • The Dutch company Canna offers in its organic version, the BioCanna range. And its root stimulator is BioCanna's Rhizotonic

    BioCanna Rhizotonic 1 L contains natural components (OMRI standards), including a vitamin complex, including vitamins B1 (thiamine with anti-stress properties) and B2.

    As a result, BioCanna Rhizotonic 1L greatly stimulates the root system, resulting in vigorous, healthy and productive plants.

    The BioCanna Rhizotonic can be used during primary rooting, repotting and as a cure (1 week) at any time of the crop, in the context of plant stress.

    Sold in 1 litre packaging.

    Also available in 250 ml

    At unbeatable prices of Indoor Discount !

    • Packaging
      1 L
    • Type
    • Application
      Hydroponique, Terre, Coco, Laine de roche

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