Bio Nova Fertilizers high-end

Bio Nova is a brand known and recognized in the field of indoor gardening. Whether it is fertilizer or substrate, Bio Nova offers high-end products for the growth and flowering of your plants.

What is Bio Nova ?

Since the early 1990s, Bio Nova has continued to initiate studies and research in order to provide fertilizer to the top of the range with the words, quality, purity, environmental friendliness, high yields and ease-of-use.

Even today, Bio Nova boasts business relationships with centers and laboratories, external research in order to stay in the wind of advanced science in their field.

What are the products of the range of Bio Nova ?

Indoor Discount is proud to present to you the many products of the range Bio Nova, these can be ranked according to different methods :

Basic method : basic Fertilizer

Method Advanced : Pacemaker

In addition to the products mentioned earlier, you can use :

  • BN X-cel : biological Pacemaker for the growth and flowering
  • Missing Link : Can be applied on the roots and the leaves, protecting the plant influences external
  • BN Roots : the planting and transplanting for the protection of the roots
  • BN Zym : Transforms plant waste such as dead roots into elements that are easily absorbed.

Professional method : mineral Fertilizers

In addition to the products mentioned earlier, you can use :

  • VitaSol : For the last few weeks to improve the taste of your fruits
  • K20 : the Contribution of potassium to your plants
  • Ca15 : Intake of Calcium to protect the plant from moisture and mold

Whatever your method, you will still need to make sure that you follow the pattern of culture proper.

The substrates BioNova

In addition to its range of fertilizers, Bio Nova offers you also a substrate of high quality, BN Soilmix : A mineral component, organic adapted to the culture of earth in a system.