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Platinum is a brand that is notable and one of the most powerful in the field of hydroponics. Whether it's fertilizer, cropping system, substrate , or accessories, Platinum strives to offer quality products while remaining affordable for the growers the more modest. Thus, we can identify four sub-brands to Platinium : Platinium Hydroponics, Platinium Nutrients, Platinium Soil and Platinum instruments.

What is Platinium Hydroponics?

Platinium Hydroponics is the branch specialized in the systems of hydroponics. It is a franco-quebecer who has helped to develop a range of innovative systems of unsurpassed quality on the market. Made of ABS 100% of food, these systems allow a complete modularity, where the name of this range are : modular.

The range Modular is composed of both hydroponic system but also system aeroponic. It will be possible to switch from one to the other with ease ! In fact, the mounting systems of the range modular takes less than 10 min regardless of the size of the system. Please note that these culture systems are available in 40x40cm, 60x60cm, 40x90cm, 80x80cm, 60x110cm, 100x100cm, 120x120cm and 200x100cm, which corresponds to the standard sizes of most of the culture chambers.

What are the types of system for the range of modular ?

As it is said above, the range Platinum Hydroponics Modular will allow you to move from one culture method to another with ease. However, it should be well define each range. ( For more information on the different types of culture system, visit the page dedicated to the hydroponics. )

Ebb & Flow : Table tide. This system is designed so that the water flows more easily, it has the effect of avoiding the development of mold or fungus due to the water stagnant.

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Hydro-Stone : NFT. This system allows you to grow in rockwool or pots without distinction

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Hydro-Star : Drip. The HydroStar is a hydroponic system drip that allows you to cultivate with the ball of clay. Each pot can be served individually, which allows watering each plant according to its needs.

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Aero-Star : Aeroponics. Same principle as thehydro-star except that these systems have a number plate aero for each pot.

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Hydro-Pro : Drip. TheHydro Pro is a hydroponic system drip that allows you to cultivate with the ball of clay. The pots are larger than for those of the hydrostar.

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Aero-Pro : Aeroponics. Same principle as thehydro-pro except that these systems have a number plate aero for each pot. These plates allow you to grow 1 to 4 plants per pot depending on the model.

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Aero-top : Aeroponics. It is composed of a tray which acts as a chamber root with the top aero. This allows for more oxygenation of perfect and optimum growth.

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Hydro-Star Big Pot: Drip. The same characteristic that thehydro-star with the notable difference that the pots are bigger (18L or 25L).

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Super-clone: Bouturette. A kind of system, aeroponic , but dedicated exclusively to the cloning of plants.

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Pyramid: Aeroponics, vertical. The innovation award 2014. A system that is aeroponic , which boosts performance by doubling the floor area.

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What is Platinium Nutrients ?

Platinium Nutrients for the specialized branch in the fertilizers and additives. It is for the hit products certified French to meet the stringent environmental requirements. These products have been designed by engineers in a laboratory, agriculture professionals. Platinium nutrients is distinguished by its fertilizer, the more concentrated the market, which allows you to use them longer and therefore make you money!

What is Platinium Soil ?

Platinium Soil is the best potting soil on the european market. The team Platinium Soil has selected raw materials of first choice : peats blondes sieved into different fractions, peat black, perlite, ball agile , and vermiculite. This gives us 8 substrates for any type of culture :

Hydro-mix: Balls of expanded clay for horticulture APH-controlled.

Hydro-mix 8/20: Balls of expanded clay

Perlite: add the potting soil to facilitate drainage and aeration of the substrate.

Vermiculite: Increases the oxygen content in the substrates.

Light-Mix: Land of growth. The more light of the light mix.

Royal-Mix: Releases minerals that ensures the needs of the plant for the first 3 weeks.

Grow-Mix: For transplanting or potting, to ensure a good rooting and growth of the plant.

Coco-Mix: Voted best substrate clean by the magazine HydroMag.

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What is Platinium Instrument ?

Platinium instrument is mainly specialized in accessories of control of pH and EC. In effect, this range features a wide range of product tester for all budgets. Material that is suitable for professionals as well as neophytes.