Culture aeroponics

We propose here to make a point more in-depth on the aeroponic. As we saw in the page dedicated to the hydroponics, aeroponic happens totally of the substrate in order to spray the nutrient solution directly on the roots. This solution is considered the technique providing the best performance.

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What is the aeroponics ?

If today the term aeroponics, seems to be used by all gardeners, this term is not quite correct. In fact, when one talks aboutaeroponics, we mean irrigation by spraying very fine to mix with the air. The reality is a little more complex, it is a question of removing the substrate, but the roots are irrigated by means of small nozzles, similar to those available in hydroponics. In this, the’aeroponics can rather be described as the super hydroponics.

The advantages of the aeroponic

The aeroponics stands out above all by the efficiency with which it helps the plants to develop a root system dense, which will significantly increase the assimilation of nutrients. This is the reason why it is commonly accepted that the aeroponics offers (potentially) the best performance. It will, however, keep in mind that it is a practice that requires a good mastery of the environmental conditions that affect your culture. In aeroponics, your plants are more fragile and more sensitive to temperature differences. Therefore, we advise you to learn all the basics of indoor growing before you launch.

What material to choose for aeroponic ?

Indoor Discount offers you a comprehensive catalog of products that you will be able to launch you into the aeroponic at a lower cost.

Also, whether it's spare parts , such as reservoirs, pumps, timers, nozzles, or sprayers, while you is available if you want to tinker yourself your own hydroponic / aeroponic system.

But, of course, you can also choose to opt for a system ready to be used. Here, too, there are several choices available to you :

  • The range Aéroflo in GHE is the reference premium for the systems aeroponic. Nasa did not make a mistake by using for his research in the area.

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  • The range Amazon from Nutriculture is distinguished by its small systems which accommodate themselves very well to a small space. You will also be very easy to multiply the plants in your culture by changing the plate aero.

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  • Platinium Hydroponics offers you to start in hydroponics , then switch quickly and easily to the aeroponics thanks to its range of Modular. Thus, the hydroponic system with clay pellets drip hydropro can be converted with ease aeropro simply by adding culture plates aero ABS in 1 or 4 holes. Operation is fully reversible to make it back to the hydro.

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  • The hydroponics is constantly changing, Indoor Discount offers to you the nec plus ultra of aeroponics, with the Pyramid, named the best innovation hydroponic 2014. Reserved for the grower seasoned.

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Finally, it is worth recalling, once again, that a firm control of your water will make all the difference between a successful culture and failed. This is why there are a whole bunch of accessories to help you to check the status of your nutrient solution.

  • For the pH control, do not hesitate to invest in a controller waterproof

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  • To verify that your nutrient solution is not too saturated with fertilizer, think you equip a controller with CE

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  • Be aware that there are devices that allow coupling of the measuring EC and pH

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  • Finally, in order to start on the best basis, GrowMax Water offers Osmoseurs and filter to purify your water and thus facilitated its absorption by your plants.

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Now that you have the basics, it only remains for you that to get you started ! For more information, we recommend the beginner's guide introduction to hydroponics or the very full The hydroponics for all that will make you the master of the hydroponics !