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Active carbon filter - Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h flange 100 mm - Bull Filter

Indoor Discount presents its Carbon Filter - Filter 100 x 150 200 m3/h flange 100 mm - Bull Filter

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  • Discover the future world market leader in the field of very high performance carbon filters: BULL FILTER!

    With an exemplary finish, with its blue epoxy painted aluminum collar, Bull Filter carbon filters are made of virgin activated carbon RC-4/8 from Australia, which gives it, without pretension, the best filtration on the market against even the strongest odors!

    So much so: 1 gram of Bull Filter RC-4/8 virgin carbon covers an area of up to 1000 square meters!

    Bull Filter carbon filters are also practical in their use, thanks to their very limited weight compared to their filtration capacity, their appreciable compactness, and the fact that Bull Filter is delivered with two pre-filters

    This means that Bull Filters can be used permanently, as all filters must be equipped with their pre-filter when they are put into operation!

    Characteristics of the BULL FILTER 100 x 150 200 m3/h :

    - 100 mm diameter flange

    - filtration capacity: up to 200 m3/h

    - dimensions: 150 x 100 mm

    - weight: 2,1 kg.

    Autonomy of the Bull Filter: 2 years of use.

    Precautions for use of a carbon filter :

    Indoor Discount we recommend you to choose and maintain your Bull Filter:

    - select your filter, so that its maximum accepted flow is higher or equal to that of the installed air extractor;

    - place the filter inside the grow room, at the entrance of the duct leading to the extractor

    - check theoverall condition of the pre-filter (or protective wadding) surrounding the charcoal filter, i.e. as soon as it is tarnished (pollution, dust, pollen, ...), remove the pre-filter from the charcoal filter and clean it at 30°C in a washing machine and finish by drying it naturally; then install the second pre-filter supplied with the Bull Filter, which again allows immediate and constant use;

    - install the charcoal filter as described above, when the odors become too strong, i.e. during flowering or declared fruiting, keeping the climate closely below 70% humidity, so as not to permanently destroy the efficiency of the Bull Filter.

    • Air flow rate
      50 to 200 m3/h
    • Entry diameter
    • Output diameter
    • Height
      15 cm
    • Type
      Carbon filter
    • Color

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