Sheath soundproof Virgin phonic More Ø127mm x 10m-sheath woven inside-do not scratch


Sheath of soundproof high-end

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Virgin Phonic: The sheath of soundproof par excellence!

Designed with an inner woven fabric and perforated, the range Virgin Phonic Plus offers a soundproofing maximum for your growing space. It is in effect a declaration of 20% to 30% of noise in the least with Virgin Phonic More!

Ideal for installations in which the noise is disturbing as this may be the case with the use of an air extractor for example, which will generate turbulence in the air.

But the sheaths Virgin Phonic Plus can also be used at home by attaching to the end of your system of ventilation.

Available in 3m and 10m.


  • Diameter: Ø127mm
  • Size: 10m


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