Starter Pack PachaMama of Vaalserberg



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Indoor Discount presents you with a Starter Pack of Vaalseerberg, pack of high-quality fertilizers and additives for the culture in earth.

Starter pack PachaMama of Vaalserberg

This pack Vaalserberg is designed to cultivate all types of plants in the earth.

The pack contains the fertilizer PachaMama to Vaalserberg.

These fertilizers and additives of high quality are usable from the beginning of the growth up to the end of flowering. all of the fertilizer of this pack will provide your plants all the necessary nutrients to get fruits and veggies, full of flavor and vitality !

Save money to your culture with Indoor Discount !
The pack is ideal for beginners as for professionals.

Composition of the pack :

Mamaquilla in 100ml

PachaMama Grow in 500ml

PachaMama Bloom 1L

PachaMama Booster 250ml

Element 5 15ml

Sugar Babe 250 ml


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