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Led Cosmorrow éclairage de floraison - 40W - Secret Jardin

Indoor Discountpresents the Cosmorrow LED 90cm for flowering - Secret Jardin

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  • Cosmorrow LED Blooming flowering 40W / 90cm - Secret Jardin

    The Led ramp Secret Jardin is ideal for the blooming phase of your plants.
    It allows an energy saving and emits very little heat.
    The plant can be placed close to the bar.
    Cosmorrow LED is completely waterproof.
    Easy to plug in.
    Its red peak at 660nm allows an ideal lighting for the fruiting period.
    It also has a 440nm blue peak which is ideal for cuttings and growth.
    The tops of the plants can be close to the lighting from 15 to 35 cm depending on the genetics.

    According to your needs Secret Jardin allows you an ideal choice oflightingLED for all stages of horticulture.
    Modular system.

    Information :

    - Power: 40 Watts
    - Dimensions: 870 x 32 x 14.5 mm
    - Current: 1.67 A
    - Class: IP 65
    - Voltage: 24 Volts
    - Lifetime: 50 000 hours
    - Environmental temperature: 0 to 40°C
    - Plug 24V: IEC 60130 - 10 OD5.5 ID2.1 L10

    Technical specifications:

    - Color line 1: 6500 K
    - Color line 2: 2100 K
    - Color line 3: 660 nm
    - 2.0 μmol/s/w
    - 4.0 μmol/s

    Several choices of lighting available according to your needs

    Cosmorrow growth
    Cosmorrow flowering
    Cosmorrow infrared
    Cosmorrow ultraviolet

    The Cosmorrow LED lighting is specific to horticultural use.

    • Power
      40 W
    • Bulb type

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