Indoor Discount presents its product LED Horticole Attis PRO 200W - Lumatek - Available from February 21st

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  • LED Attis PRO 200W Horticulture - Lumatek

    Enjoy a powerful and very cost effective led lighting to get fabulous crops.
    High quality lighting system with uniform light distribution,
    which shortens the distance between the light and the crop.
    design is compact and light.
    Can be used for both growing and flowering periods.
    Suitable for professionals and amateurs.

    Thanks to the innovative heat sink,
    Thus case the passive natural convection,
    the life of the device will be much longer.

    This LED will offer you a 99% higher light output thanks to its Clear Glue technology.
    Resistance to corrosion.

    The ideal growing area with the LED Pro Attis 200W is 80x80cm.

    - Better diffusion footprint.
    - Diodes with a greater distribution.
    - Controllable driver.
    - Completely silent operation.
    - Easy and quick installation.
    - Develops little heat.

    Digital controller Lumatek will allow you to synchronize the light and dim automatically. You can also control up to 100 fixtures per controller with Sunrise and Sunset mode.


    • Dimensions: 524.5 x 524.5 x 71.6 mm
    • Electricity: 200W
    • Input voltage: 220-240V 50-60Hz
    • PPF: 508 μmol / s
    • Light source: white / red / and far red LEDs - High quality
    • External control Lumatek Digital Panel Plus 2 (not included)
    • Waterproofing: IP65
    • Possible humidity: 20% to 90% non-condensing
    • Weight: 4kg
    • Spectrum: Full
    • Diffusion angle: 120°
    • Operating temperature : -20°C / +40°C
    • μmol/J : 2.3
    • Full spectrum

    Kit content

    • 1 Attis Pro 200W LED + Driver
    • 1 power cable 230V
    • 2 metal suspension cables
    • 1 Light Dimmer 0-10V + grip strip
    • 1 manual

    Light calculator LED with Lumatek USE THIS TOOL

    • Power
      200 W
    • Bulb type
    • Color
      Growth and Flowering

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