Kit Lamp CMH Pro double ended - 630W 3100k - Calitek


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Kit Lamp CMH Pro double ended - 630W 3100k - Calitek

The design of the adjustable this kit will make your ally's main to inform your crops. Thanks to the ignition control SMART START ™ technology and the soft-start, this kit ensures high energy efficiency and quiet operation. It has a comprehensive protection circuitry and can operate at high temperature.

features :

Model : CK-1000
Lamp : 1000W HPS/MH
Power : 1000W
Voltage : 240V, 50/60Hz
Intensity : 4.4 A / 240V
Intensity of appeal : 60 A / 220Vac
Maximum output power : 1150W
0.5 mA max at 180-300Vac
THD : < 10%, 60Hz
Input voltage range : 100-265Vac

Unit Dimension : 64.4 x 37.3 x 10.5 cm

Ignition time : 3-10 seconds
Input frequency : 47 / 63 Hz
Protections : open-Circuit / Short-circuit / Overvoltage / undervoltage / Overheating

Isolation voltage : Input/Gnd 1600Vac - 5mA 1Min
Insulation resistance : Input/Gnd 50MΩ - 500Vdc, 1Min,
Dimmer : 600/630/750/945/1000/SUPER BY

Open circuit voltage : < 300V
Ignition voltage : 3-5 KV
RF interference : NO

Operating humidity : 20 to 95%
Storage humidity : 10 to 95%
Water-resistant IP : IP20

The digital ballasts CALITEK is suitable for all lamps double-ended high-pressure sodium (HPS), metal halide double ended (MH) and the lamp CMH double ended.

In order to get the perfect combo and the best results, we recommend that the lamps CALITEK.
The lamps CALITEK are optimized for use with electronic ballasts with adjustable output.
600W: for the HPS bulbs or MH / 630W: for bulbs MHC 630W, HPS or MH / 750W: for the HPS bulbs or MH / 945W: for bulbs MHC 945W, HPS or MH / 1000W: for the HPS bulbs or MH / Bulb SUPER BY: only for HPS bulbs or MH

Note that you must use light bulbs 1000W MH or HPS. In addition, for the bulbs MHC, the drive must be set to the power of a light bulb 630W or 945W.


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