organic fertilizer Bat Guano 1L - Plagron, guano bat

Fertilizer based on pure bat manure

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  • Plagron: One of the pioneers of hydroponics

    For nearly 25 years, this brand has been developing excellent products in the hydroponics field. This makes it one of the most recognized and reliable, having started with a worm farm. Creating its first potting soils later on, to finally become internationally present thanks to its very good nutritional formulas.

    Bat Guano: Improved aroma and taste

    Bat Guano, pure bat manure, is the most balanced fertilizer nature can offer us. Bat Guano stimulates root development and soil biology, promotes healthy growth and flowering, and provides a quality scent and taste.

    Composition of the Bat Guano

    • Pure bat manure.
    • NPK organic fertilizer solution (4-16-3).
    • 4% Total nitrogen (N) of which 4% is organically bound nitrogen,
    • 16% phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water (P2O5),
    • 3% potassium oxide soluble in water (K2O)

    How to use Bat Guano

    In soil: 50L / 1000L of soil

    Cultivation diagram in to download.

    Bat Guano is available on Indoor discount in 1L and 5L

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      1 L
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