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Organic flowering fertilizer

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  • Plagron: One of the pioneers of hydroponics

    For nearly 25 years, this brand has been developing excellent products in the hydroponics field. This makes it one of the most recognized and reliable, having started with a worm farm. Creating its first potting soils later on, to finally become internationally present thanks to its very good nutritional formulas.

    Alga Bloom: Flowering in organic cultivation

    Alga Bloom is a flowering fertilizer that will give the plant something to start an exuberant final flush. Alga Bloom will also protect plants against high salt concentrations and mould, stimulate the production of chlorophyll and can also be used as a leaf fertilizer.

    Composition of Alga Bloom

    Alga Bloom is a liquid organic fertilizer based on phosphates and kalium that can be directly absorbed by the plant and optimizes the flowering in a completely natural way.

    Phosphorus ensures better root development and complete flowering. As for kalium, it ensures the delivery of nutrients and increases overall resistance.

    How to use Alga Bloom

    Alga Bloom can be used in organic agriculture, for soil or coconut cultivation. Use this fertilizing solution at each watering during the flowering phase.

    Dosage: maximum 4ml/L

    Cultivation diagram for download.

    Alga Bloom is available on Indoor discount in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L

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      500 ml
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