HPS lamps

One of the essential elements for successful indoor growing is the lighting. In this section, we will do our best to bring you the most details and possible advice on a kind of’bulb specific : the HPS.
But before that, let us ask ourselves the following question : why is the light in a box is paramount ?

The irreplaceable role of the light

Regardless of the plant, the majority of plants need light. In nature, it is the sun that gives them what they need in light energy. More precisely, the plants capture the light of the sun, and thanks to the chlorophyll that they contain, a biochemical reaction takes place : this reaction is called " phenomenon of photosynthesis ".

This process allows plants to transform light into energy, as well as the CO2 and nutrients (mineral elements) in organic matter. So, we understand that, the more the flower will capture the light, the more it will create the energy to develop.

Recreate the different lights natural for her garden indoor

For a culture of inner, of course, the sun is not part of the. Hence the need to install a system horticultural lighting in your indoor garden. Thus, even in your culture room, the magic of photosynthesis will act on your plants.
In addition, it is important to know (not to speak of exposure time, photoperiod, unit P. A. R., light intensity...) that the development of the plant is divided into different phases and that it is sensitive to the color of the light. This last, expressed in degree Kelvin (°K), is very influential :

The intervention of the HPS in the development of the plants

There it is ! After this reminder of the necessity of light to plants, and we go back to our main topic : HPS lamps.

As seen earlier, the HPS are light bulbs the light spectrum different from an incandescent lamp regular, and specific to the flowering and the ripening of the fruit. "HPS" means that they contain the steam "high pressure sodium" (Hight Pressure Sodium).
In the form of a tube, containing the gas of sodium, mercury and xenon, they therefore emit their famous intense light and warm (2700°K), when an electric arc passes through them. There are different powers (Watt) on Indoor Discount : 150W, 250W, 400W, 600W and 1 000W.

The HPS produces a rise of temperature. Most importantly, remember to connect it to a ballast suitable for optimal performance of your lamp ! Also, make sure that the lamp not be installed too close to the plants.

tableau caracteristiques spectre hps

The advantages and disadvantages of HPS

This type of lamp gives your culture a light that is closer to the natural light, by placing your planting in the best conditions. Its lighting performance can be greater than 70% compared to other lamps high-pressure mercury vapour. In addition, the lifetime of a HPS is about 9000 h. However, the temperature of a tube with high-pressure sodium can reach 1200°C, which can choke by the heat of your plants. Hence the need to install a ventilation system in the space of culture : fans, ducts, extractors/intracteurs, etc


Example of installation of a horticultural lighting

We now present our different HPS bulbs available on Indoor Discount, as well as some useful products for optimal lighting :

exemple chambre avec eclairage hps

For more details, please do not hesitate to read the little guide complete "a Successful procedure " editions Encygrow, available on our website in the radius library.

We hope you have brought a maximum of information on the horticultural lighting with HPS. Also, we warn you, or remind you that, in order not to risk damaging this type of bulb, it is strongly advise to use a cloth when handling. Thus you will avoid that the tube has points of heat uneven caused by the acidity produced by the skin.

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