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Prima klima

Air extractor PK 200 mm 2 speeds 450/950 m3, ventilator, ventilation

Indoor Discount presents you its PK 200 mm Extractor 450/950 m3/h with GSE Thermostat and dimmer

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  • Of Czech design, the PK 200 mm 2 speed 450 / 950 m3/h of PRIMA KLIMA presents itself as a robust extractor, ""UFO"" type due to its shape.

    Practical in its use, the PK 200 mm 2 speed PK goes from 450 m3/h to 950 m3/h at the touch of a switch. Moreover, it can be easily placed on a growing chamber or can be offset on a wall or ceiling, by means of its wall bracket, included in the box in which it is delivered.

    Reliable, the PK 200 mm 2 speed of Prima Klima In the long term, Trading will ensure efficient air renewal of a growing area and allows the use of a carbon filter for odour management.

    Caution: power plug not included (available as an option).

    Technical characteristics of the PK 200 mm 2 speeds 450 / 950 m3/h of Prima Klima Trading

    Dimensions : 340 x 248 mm
    Weight : 3,96 Kg

    Air inlet and outlet: 200 mm diameter.

    3-position switch: 450 m3/h, off or 950 m3/h.

    Current: 0.75 A. 230V 50/60Hz

    Power: 170 W.

    Max. temperature: 42°C

    Warranty: 1 year.

    • Consumption
      less than 0.10 kw/h
    • Air flow rate
      801 to 1500 m3/h
    • Entry diameter
    • Output diameter
    • Type
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