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Crafty Plus Sprayer - Complete Set - Portable

Indoor Discount presents its Crafty + vaporizer with a ceramic filling chamber coating

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  • Crafty Plus Portable Vaporizer, durable and effective

    Easily get a great spray with the Crafty +.
    This device is durable over time and is one of the best on the market.

    Find a unique design with resistant materials for a safe daily use.
    The filling chamber has a ceramic coating and allows a fast and quality heating.
    3 preset temperature levels.

    Stable on flat surface.
    Portable device for efficient use while traveling.
    1.4 cm³ filling chamber.

    The Crafty offers many features:

    - Heats up 25 minutes faster than the previous range, (+ or -)
    - Ceramic lined filling chamber
    - Better stability on flat surface
    - Pre-set Superboost temperature
    - New generation housing
    - USB rechargeable - C

    Charging can be done by USB-C plug at very high speed.
    With a triple click on the button '' On and Off '' you will get a boost of the current temperature: +30°C (86°F).
    Base temperature: 180°C (180°F).
    Temperature boost - Double click : +15°C
    Incomparable airflow for an optimum use.

    Custom setting: https://www.storz-bickel.com/fr/app/android


    - 1 USB Cord C
    - 3 base seals
    - 3 coarse sieves
    - 3 standard sieves
    - 1 dosing capsule
    - 1 cleaning brush
    - 1 user manual

    It is imperative to have a regular maintenance to obtain a functional device.

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