Night Insect Killers 150cm
Night Insect Killers 150cm
Night Insect Killers 150cm
Night Insect Killers 150cm

Night Insect Tutor 150cm

NaturTrap offers you a 2 in 1 trap, a stake that will guide the growing plant and trap insects Its yellow colour attracts insects.

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  • Solution, 2 in 1, a stake that guides the growing plant and traps insects.

    The natural glue without pheromones (therefore harmless to the plant) is impregnated in the inner corner to avoid contact with the stem and trap crawling or flying insects.

    Characteristics :

    • Works at night (fluorescent) (lasts 12 hours)
    • Dimensions: 150cm
    • Stake for guiding the growth of a plant
    • Holes on the stake to connect the trunk to the stake
    • Easy to use
    • Protects plants and leaves
    • Attracts and traps insects
    • System harmless to plants
    • Yellow colour attractive to insects

    Nocturnal stakes have fluorescent materials that are recharged with exposure to natural or electric light. During the night, the dim light continues to protect the plant without energy costs and without altering the flowering process, without stressing the crop. Light lasts over time. It is limited to the space around the perimeter of the plant, without attracting insects from other crops.

    • Height
      150 cm
    • Type
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