System RDWC 2 rows original 2x2 - Idrolab


Indoor discount presents you its product : Idrolab RDWC 2 x 2 very powerful, strong and that it would in time, quality made in Italy.

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System RDWC 2 rows original 4+1 - Idrolab

The system idrolab® RDWC uses the negative pressure of the water and the pressure of the air to obtain an oxygen maximum of the nutrient solution through a recycling constant in the zone of root growth. The continuous movement of the fluid load of the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating a solution that is rich in oxygen to maximize the growth potential. The recycling constant of the nutrient solution ensures that Ph levels, Ec and temperature are uniform in each module of the system. The system is versatile and easy to install and maintain. It is ideal for leisure and commercial applications. The system's modular design makes it simple and quick to assemble and easy to extend if and when it is needed.


Modular design
42l modules growth
Easy to assemble, disassemble and extend
24 catalog configurations, infinite number of possible configurations
Adaptable to any type of culture

The quality of the materials
Test material of first quality for extended use indoors or in the greenhouse
Components of brand idrolab® designed and produced in Italy with high-quality materials
our system is fully equipped with air pumps and water professional


Increase of the yield productivity
Increasing the yield of crops
Reduction of the vegetative stage
A production exponential with a minimum number of plants


The recycling constant of the nutrient solution and the high level of dissolved oxygen to optimize the absorption capacity of roots
The longevity of the nutrient solution is increased, which allows you to save money through changes to reservoir less frequent

Less maintenance

The values of EC, pH and temperature are uniform across all modules of the system
Easy integration with : scoops of pH and nutrients, reservoir filling and water coolers

Features :

Number of rows 2
Number of modules 4
Volume of the modules 42 L
Distance 550mm
Dimensions (cm) 155 x 90
System Volume (litres) 200
Useful Volume (liters) 150
Air pump (lpm) 60
Ratio of ventilation (lpm / liters) 0,4
Water pump (lph) 2500
Ratio of recirculation (lph / litre) 16,70
Energy consumption (watts) 105

Tank optional


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