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Growing room - V2 Mylar 120 high quality 600D - 120x120x200cm - Superbox

Indoor Discount presents its Superbox 120 V2 - 120X120X200

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  • The culture chambers Superboxwith their angles and metal structures, have a rigid unbreakable structure with a 600D canvas thickness.

    Characteristics of the range:

    • 2 side doors
    • Storage pouch for your measuring instruments
    • 3 passive introductions
    • 100% airtight floor with no risk of leaks
    • Interior mounting bars for your lamps, air blowers or charcoal filter
    • Extraction sock on the roof

    Features of the 120x120x200:

    • Flange sizes: 200mm
    • Recommended bulbs: 1 HPS 400/600W
    • Height
      Between 1 and 2 m
    • Depth
      120 cm
    • Length
      120 cm
    • Type
      Growing room

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