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Controller aerator air extractor unit BU-1-60THRF multi-functions Winflex

The brand of ventilation Winflex has expanded its range ofextractors with controllers aerators perfect for your bathroom or your kitchen, for example.

The controller of aerator/air extractor, connected to an aerator/air extractor Winflex for example, allows you to better control and automate the ventilation of your interior.
The controls of the timer, the photo-sensor, and humidity sensors and movement are very practical and usable in all combinations desired for a ventilation optimum of your parts.

Manufactured in plastic ABS of high quality and anti-UV, the housing of the automated control of the ventilation inside is fixed under theaerator/air extractor unit BU-1-60. Equipped with led indicators for each function, you are constantly aware of the active modes.

Features :
- The timer allows you to program the times and cycles of operation of the ventilator/extractor.
- The sensor-photo allows the ignition of the ventilation unit as soon as the room is lit. It is also possible to program the lighting of the aerator from 5 seconds to 30 minutes after the extinction of the light.
- The humidity sensor allows the aerator to operate automatically when the humidity exceeds the threshold set, and adapt according to the spin-off of humidity in your room.
- The motion sensor switches on automatically when a person enters the room. And he stops himself in time from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

Features :
- Maximum power : 60 Watts
- Maximum ambient temperature : + 40°C
- Current : 0.3 A
- Dimensions : 151 x 46 x 27 mm
- Weight : 0,075 Kg
- Protection rating IP 34
- Reference : BU 1-60 THRF

BU 1-60
BU 1-60 TF
BU 1-60 THF
BU 1-60 THPF
Motion sensor

Ecotax 0,06


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