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Opticlimate 15000 PRO3 1-1004 control the climate of your culture to your place

TheOpticlimate is a case that can handle a ventilation system complete, as it is for a domestic use (home or office) or horticultural purposes : once set up, it manages to your place the air conditioning of your space of culture , for example : air circulation, cooling, heating, dehumidification, and filtering.

Cooling / Heating water

One of the other principles of the Opticlimate is to be economical while being ecological. This is enabled through its system of water cooling, which uses a derivation of the unique (convenient to use tap water or other, such as that stored in rain water recuperator).
As to the hot water, cooled with cold water by the Opticlimate, can be then be re-used/recycled for the heating of your room, office, swimming pool, jacuzzi or your culture room.

Dehumidification of the ambient air

Its dehumidification capacity is seen one and a half times to two times be more effective than a dryer of the building.
Finding constantly the perfect balance between the warming and cooling of the ambient air, even after the temperature set is reached, the Opticlimate déshumidifie properly for the desired piece or your space of indoor culture.

Bad smells and harmful substances

The housing Opticlimate is designed in such a way that its internal components do not suffer any damage, thanks to a dust filter built in. Similarly, a carbon filter to manage odors.

Features Opticlimate

  • - The module can be placed in the horizontal to the vertical.
  • - The Cool feature At Night helps cool the room even during the night.
  • - The function Pre-Heat ensures a room preheated during the transition from night to day.
  • - A charcoal filter is integrated in order to absorb the mold spores and odors are disturbing.
  • - Function of alarm log to see what alarm has occurred, to prevent future problems.
  • - The function of slow cooling ensures that the temperature does not fall too quickly from one day to the other.
  • - The OptiClimate water-cooled has a shunt to the use of tap water or other water sources.

Other benefits

  • - No external unit.
  • - Heating integrated ceramic.
  • - Low power consumption.
  • - Prevents the formation of condensation.
  • - Valve for automatic control of the water.
  • - Air-conditioning-perfect in the summer as in the winter.
  • - Equipment for the fixation of atmospheric moisture.
  • - Integrated Protection of temperature and water leaks.
  • - Automatic restart after a power outage.
  • - Ideal for closed rooms, such as a culture chamber.
  • - Dehumidification as possible during the day, night and/or continuous.
  • - A remote control is clear and complete is provided with the air-conditioning system.
  • - Allows you to choose between a manual adjustment or a fully automatic adjustment.
  • - Set the temperature of day and night and the OptiClimate takes care of the rest.
  • - All in one solution to cool, heat, dehumidify, filter and circulate the air at the same time.
  • - Light sensitive lens which allows the OptiClimate to automatically detect the program day and night.

Technical characteristics :

- Reference article provider : 1-1004 15000PRO3
- Energy consumption : 3100 Watts
- Cooling capacity : 15 000 Watts
- Dehumidification capacity : 270L in 24 hours
- Cooling water consumption : 5.0 to 9.0 L per minute
- Heating : 3 x 2700 Watts
- Phase : 3
- Connection : 400V
- Dimensions : 121 x 70 x 54 cm
- Weight : 160 Kg

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