Boom neon StarLite 2 x 55 W with tubes 6500 °K, turbo neon , ramps, fluorescent


Indoor Discount presents you with its Ramp neon StarLite 2 x 55 W with tubes 6500 °K

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Check out the efficiency of the turbo neon with the ramp of neon lights StarLite 2 x 55 W 6500 °K, distributed by CIS Products.

In view of the productivity engendered in the face of the low-power consumption incurred, the Ramp Neon CIS StarLite 2 x 55 W 6500 °K warranty a spectre bright 100 % P. A. R., that is to say, the neon lights 55 W delivers a light horticultural, 100 % treated, 100 % used for the photosynthesis of plants.

The ramp neon StarLite 2 x 55 W 6500 °K is presented as a choice crafty for the young plants or small sizes : seedlings, cuttings, fruits, vegetables, orchids, bonsai,...

Compact, the ramp StarLite 2 neon lights 55 W 6500 °K fits even to the small culture rooms under a cycle of growth (6500 °K), due to the low safety distance (DS) to maintain between the tops of the plants and the neon lights themselves.

Technical specifications of the Ramp Neon CIS StarLite 2 x 55 W 6500 °K :

- Illuminated Surface : 100 x 50 cm.

- Safety Distance = 5 to 10 cm of the tops of plants.

- Supplied with 2 fluorescent lights compact fluorescent 6500 °Kspectrum, special growth.

- Warranty : 1 year.

Exclusively designed for horticultural lighting. Is not suitable for the illumination of parts of the household.



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