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VG Garden, fertilizers for every garden lover !

Pots round biodegradable made in peat

The pots peat round of VG Garden, rather resistant and biodegradable organic matter, are ideal if you want to plant your cuttings or your seed. Indeed, their composition, and can easily allow the circulation of air and water, makes a very good root development.
The pots peats, which are particularly suitable for young plants, gardening and horticulture, or the seedling with tender roots, can then be directly planted in the ground for a re-potting or transplanting easier and faster.

Use :
First of all, fill the pots with potting soil. Then, water the earth and make sure that the pot is thoroughly saturated with water. After that, simply place in the ground your seeds or your cuttings : make sure to position your pot in a bright spot (soft light better than direct light).
It is also possible to place the pots in a greenhouse or under a transparent cover.
Finally, transplant the pot directly by inserting it into a flower box filled with dirt for example (to cover the pots of earth).

Composition :
Pots made of peat, round 6 x Ø6 cm.

Read the precautions listed on the product label.


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