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Indoor Discountpresents the Quantum Max - Lighting LED horticultural lighting

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  • Quantum Max - 640W LED

    The LED Indoorled Quantum Max allows a high range culture in greenhouse or in culture room.
    The quality of its lighting favors a fast growth and generous harvests.

    For use in the growing and flowering phase - Full Spectrum.
    Suitable for amateurs and professionals.

    New generation ofeconomical horticultural lighting, with a dimmer switch
    that allows for precise light density according to needs.

    Easy and quick installation.
    Very low heat diffusion.
    Contains a pure aluminum heat sink for efficient cooling.

    The light distribution will be homogeneous and regular.
    Thanks to the system LED you can have a culture closer to the tops of plants to obtain denser results.
    Its photonic efficiency allows to obtain a high horticultural quality result, 1792 µmol/s and 2,8 µmol/d.

    The brand Indoorled is recognized by indoor gardeners all over the world.
    The design of their products allows for lighting
    at the forefront of today's technology, efficient and durable over time.

    Usable with the controller Indoorled for an ideal lighting management.

    Kit information :

    - Panel LED : x1
    - Power cable : x1
    - Hanging kit : x1
    - Suspension hook: x2
    - Knurled screws: x4
    - User manual: x1

    Technical information:

    - Dimensions: 957x880x90mm
    - Quantity LED : 2544xDiodes SMD 2835 - Samsung + 144x3W - 660nm 450nm Diodes
    - Actual power : 640W
    - PPF : 1792 µmol/s
    - Efficiency : 2,8 µmol/d
    - Thermal management : Passive cooling
    - IP rating : IP 65
    - Environmental temperature : -20° / 40°
    - Usage: 50 000h
    - Power supply LED : Inventronic drivers
    - Beam angle : 120 degree
    - Materials : 6063 Aviation Aluminium
    - AC input : AC 100-277V/50-60Hz
    - Net weight : 15,25 Kg

    • Power
      640 W
    • Bulb type

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