LED horticultural Kit HPS Killer 6 x 120W - Indoorled


Indoor Discount presents you with its LED horticultural Kit HPS Killer 6 x 120W - Indoorled

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Indoorled is still innovating and always to the delight of the growers !

Check out the Kit HPS Killer 6 x 120W and its bars mounting kit HPS Killer specific to Indoorled. They will allow you to assemble and fix between them the modules LED HPS Killer. So you will be able to increase the surface area of horticultural lighting for your indoor growing !

A little reminder here of the HPS Killer 120W - Indoorled :
These LED modules in horticulture are more efficient, more economical in term of energy, and more simple to use a lighting system with lamps to high pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH).

In addition to these benefits, the Kit HPS Killer 6 x 120W - Indoorled extends your light source, giving your plants the light spectrum more wide and optimal for best performance. Now you can attach 2, 3, or 4 HPS Killers together ; or even up to 6 !

Exclusively designed for horticultural lighting. Is not suitable for the illumination of parts of the household.


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