Panel horticultural 336W that combines the best technologies of leds. Exists in 646W and 946W.

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Panel horticulture which combines the best technologies of leds. The panel CREECOBSTAR 336W offers a unique color, more suited to the plants.

Composed of the COB CREE (the best performing in the market), the 5W LED and in the center a light bulb CFL UVB to get the best rate ofUVB for your plants in stages of germination, growth and flowering.

A switch allows you to turn on separately from the blocks, as well as the bulb CFL UVB.

Benefits CREECOBSTAR 336W :

  • Aluminum bright silver against corrosion due to a humid environment.
  • Lenses in optical glass at 90°C for 3X more penetration of light !
  • Available in 3 power ratings : 336W - 646W - 946W
  • The advantage PPFD of CREECOBSTAR 336W - true measures for the plant

Bulb UVB surcharge.


ConsumptionFeaturesInput voltageInput currentDimensionWeightReference
336W 250W

32 x 5W LEDs (Epistar)

2 x 75W COBs (CREE) & 26W UVB

AC 100-265V 2.5-1.14 A 35 x 35 x 5 cm 4.5 Kg 003-300-300
646W 460W

64 x 5W LEDs (Epistar)

4 x 75W COBs (CREE) & 26W UVB

AC 100-265V 4.2-2.1 A 43 x 43 x 5 cm 10.8 Kg 003-300-301
946W 670W

64 x 5W LEDs (Epistar)

8 x 75W COBs (CREE) & 26W UVB

AC 100-265V 6.1-3.05 A 68 x 68 x 5 cm 12.7 Kg 003-300-302

The Density of photon Flux Photosynthetic (PPFD) is a unit of measurement that represents the number of photons, within the bounds of spectrum photosynthetically active (PAR) falling on a surface one square meter each second.
All plants are experiencing a value PPFD maximum which corresponds to the maximum absorption of light. Each value in black corresponds to the PPFD absorbed by your plants.
For example, when your CREECOBSTAR 336W will be placed at 30cm from your plants, and that the surface of your plants is 30cm2 of the PPFD absorbed by your plants at the centre will be of 1950 µmol/s.

With Indoor Discount made to rhyme hydroponics with savings !

Exclusively designed for horticultural lighting. Is not suitable for the illumination of parts of the household.

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