Guardian anti-nocturnal insects 110cm


Solution, 2-in-1 guardian 110cm which guide the plant in growth and trap the insects.

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Solution, 2-in-1, a guardian guide to the growing plant and which trap the insects.

Glue natural pheromones (and therefore harmless to the plant) is impregnated in the inside corner to avoid contact with the rod, and trapping the insects crawling or flying.

Features :

  • Operates at night (fluorescent) (12 hours)
  • Dimensions : 110cm
  • Guardian to guide the growth of a plant
  • Holes on the post to bind the trunk with the guardian
  • Easy-to-use
  • Protects plants and leaves
  • Attracts and traps insects
  • System harmless to plants
  • Yellow color attractive to the insects

The guardians of night have glowing materials that are recharged with exposure to light natural or electric. During the night, the shimmering light continued to protect the plant without any energy costs and will not affect the flowering process, without stressing the crop. The light lasts in the time. It is limited to the area of the perimeter of the plant, without attracting the insects to other crops.


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