BioCanna Rhizotonic 250 ml - Canna root stimulator, root stimulator

Indoor Discount presents you the BioCanna Rhizotonic 250 ml of the brand Canna.

Fertilizer, root stimulator for cultivation on soil or coconut fibres, available in 250 ml and 1 L.

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  • The Dutch company Canna offers in its organic version, the BioCanna range. And its root stimulator is BioCanna's Rhizotonic.

    The BioCanna Rhizotonic 250 ml contains natural components (OMRI standards), including a vitamin complex, including vitamins B1 (thiamine with anti-stress properties) and B2.

    As a result, BioCanna Rhizotonic 250 ml greatly stimulates the root system, resulting in vigorous, healthy and productive plants.

    BioCanna Rhizotonic is suitable for primary rooting, repotting and as a cure (1 week), at any time of the crop, when the plants are under stress.

    Sold in 250 ml packs.

    Also available in 1 litre.

    At unbeatable prices of Indoor Discount !

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      250 ml
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