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Mono fertilizer Magnesium 1 L - Canna

Mono fertilizer Magnesium 1 L - Canna


Indoor Discount shows you the Mono-Magnesium, the mark Canna.

Mineral fertilizer, add-in anti-deficiency for the crop for any substrate, only available in 1 L.

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The Dutch firm Canna offers the Mono Magnesium 1 L, fertilizer anti-deficiency specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of the visually and proved to be magnesium (Mg).

Canna Mono Magnesium 1 L is used in the framework of a deficiency of a micro-nutrient, Magnesium.

In the form of a liquid mineral that is easily assimilated by the plant, the Mono-Magnesium 1 L of Canna is used at any stage and on any growing medium.

As the other references of the range MONO developed by Canna, the Mono-Magnesium is used as dietary supplement to other basic fertilizer (growth or flowering).

By definition, the magnesium (Mg), micro-nutrient component, the Canna Mono Magnesium, plays a major role in chlorophyll production and therefore on the photosynthesis of the plant.

Has not to be used with nutrient solutions enriched with potash, potassium.

Exclusively sold in packaging of 1 litre.

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