Pure Zym 250 mL - Plagron, fertilizer enzymes

Accelerates the absorption of nutrients and gives vigour and good health to the plant.

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  • Plagron: One of the pioneers of hydroponics

    For nearly 25 years, this brand has been developing excellent products in the hydroponics field. This makes it one of the most recognized and reliable, having started with a worm farm. Creating its first potting soils later on, to finally become internationally present thanks to its very good nutritional formulas.

    Pure Zym: Soil improver based on natural enzymes

    Pure Zym will help accelerate the decomposition of dead foliage, releasing additional nutrients that stimulate soil biology. It will also allow the plant to enhance its ability to absorb oxygen.

    Composition of Pure Zym

    • Water,
    • Sorbitol,
    • Sugar,
    • Cellulase and pectinase enzymes.
    • Dilutable mother solution of trace element. Fertilizer containing trace elements. To be used only in case of recognized need, do not exceed the prescribed dose.

    How to use Pure Zym

    Pure Zym can be used in soil from the beginning of growth until the third week of flowering. Shake well before use

    Dosage: 1ml/L

    Cultivation diagram in to download.

    Pure Zym is available on Indoor discount in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L

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      250 ml
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