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Mono fertilizer Potash 1 L - Canna

Indoor Discount presents you the Mono Potash of the brand Canna.

Mineral anti-carriage fertilizer for growing on any substrate, available only in 1 L.

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  • The Dutch company Canna offers Mono Potash 1 L, an anti-carency fertilizer specially developed to meet the deficient and proven nutrient needs in potassium (K).

    The Canna Mono Potassium 1 L is used in the context of a deficiency of a macro-nutrient, Potassium.

    In the form of a mineral liquid easily assimilated by the plant, Mono Potash 1 L of Canna can be used at any stage and on any growing medium.

    Like the other references of the MONO range developed by CannaMono Potash is used as a food supplement to other basic fertilizers (growth or flowering).

    By definition, potassium, the macro-nutrient making up the Canna Mono Potash, aims on the plant, to synthesize proteins and carbohydrates. Potash also leads to better energy management, by gradually releasing water and nutrients throughout the plant.

    Do not use with magnesium or calcium enriched nutrient solutions.

    Sold in 1 litre packs.

    At unbeatable prices Indoor Discount !

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