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Platinium hydroponics

Hydroponic system - HydroStar 60 6 pots 60 x 60 x 39 cm - Platinium Hydroponics

Hydroponic growing system - Drip irrigation

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  • Platinium Modular Grow System

    Platinium Hydroponics offers you its range of 100% modular growing systems. The tank is very easy to access thanks to its removable trap door and a scale that allows you to quickly determine the level of nutrient solution in your tank

    Hydrostar, the future sooner than expected

    The HydroStar is a hydroponic drip system that allows you to grow with clay ball. Each pot can be served individually, allowing you to water each plant according to its needs

    • Dimensions: 58 x 59 x H:39,5cm
    • Tank capacity: 25 to 30L
    • Number of plants: 6
    • Usable with agile balls

    >>> Discover the coco mix, one of the best substrates according to the magazine Hydromag

    Go from Hydro to Aero in 5 minutes

    The hydrostar system can be converted into an aerostar in less time than it takes to say it. Just add the aeroponic plates and change the pump to enjoy a completely different type of growing.

    >>> Discover the aerostar range

    Note: The hydroponic drip culture on clay balls is perfect for amateurs. The plant grows in a pot filled with clay balls which is irrigated by a drip stake. More info on hydroponics on the page Introduction to hydroponics.

  • 6 x Black square pot 18x18x23 6 L in plastic
    1 x Irrigation - Clamp 16 mm - France Arrosage
    1 x Modular Tank 60 - 30 L - Platinium hydroponics
    1 x Tray Platinium Modular 60 Platinium hydroponics
    1 x Platinium Pipe Series 60 K-10018
    1 x Platinium hydroponics - access door platinium modular
    1 x WATER PUMP PLATINIUM 500L/H PL500-7,5 220V/50HZ H. MAX 80CM
    • Number of pots
      6 jars
    • Type
      Système goutte à goutte
    • Eco-participation €

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