The water, the pH, EC and irrigation

As other factors inherent to the Life, thewater and its management remain a crucial element in the smooth running of an indoor growing. To be administered in correct proportions, thewater ensures the transport of the sap and plant nutrients to the plants through watering. Indoor Discount offers through its various topics, a full set of equipment to control the irrigation water, dedicated to the plants.

In the framework of gardening, this control of thewater is materialized by :

In short, a water irrigation well-controlled and well-fitted certainly contributes to a culture that is more productive and tasty.

What are the basic parameter of the water to take into account, during an indoor grow ?

Logically, two factors come immediately to mind, even the most novice of gardeners. These two parameters involve a daily monitoring of the nutrient solution and the water-irrigated plants.

First, the temperature of the nutrient solution is contained as an essential point to control, in the framework of a culture in interior. Readable with thermometers and adjustable with the aid of heaters, the temperatures of thewater coolant must be rated between 18°C to 20°C, to the extent that temperatures below 16°C contribute to a notable slowdown of the root system of the plant.

On the other hand, mould pathogens colonizing the root zone are to wait beyond 21°C. above 24°C, it is the rate of oxygen content in the water, which is scarce and becomes, in addition, adverse developments in root.

On the other hand, the quality of the water used, and more specifically, its purity implies more significant results on the quality and the productivity of indoor growing.

Made free of chlorine and heavy metals, by means ofosmoseurs and filters of GrowMax Water for example, water purified in this way leads to nutrients largely assimilated by the roots of plants, to a harvest more healthy and tasty.

What are the instruments necessary for the monitoring of the nutrition provided by the water ?

By acquiring these two instruments, the tester EC and the tester in pH, the idea is to be able to measure, quantify the values of EC and pH of a nutrient solution, and thus make them grow, evolve throughout a culture. In a first step, measurements of electro-conductivity (EC) are essential to the success of an experience of gardening, especially if it takes place on a culture hydro. By definition, theelectro-conductivity represents the concentration of dissolved salts in a liquid (TDS).

Otherwise translated in language of gardening, the tester EC measures the amount of nutrients present in thewater of watering. Jointly, with the help of a tester, pH, pH control also contributes actively to the success of a space culture. Therefore, an assimilation enhanced the nutrient solution to become a reality, only if certain values of pH of the irrigation water are properly adjusted, followed.

The variations of pH values to follow evolve depending on the substrate used and the stage of culture which are the plants.

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