Stem cuttings or Germination ?

Whether of Cuttings or Germination, these two steps mark the starting of your indoor culture. For the cuttings, it will be to conserve the genetics of a plant already existing in the cloning. For germination, it will just start a new culture from scratch.

What is the germination ?

It comes to germinate your seeds with a little heat, darkness and water. As a farmer beginner, it is very probably in this manner that you will begin your first crop. You will then be able to discover that, just as each human being is unique, each plant has its own gene even within the same family. You will then need to learn to recognize the genetics that correspond the best to your expectations so as to create mother plants that will allow you to keep this genetics.

The techniques of germination

You may not know this, but put a seed in the earth is not the only way to make it sprout. It is even one of the least effective because it prevents you to control if the seed is well open to the water contact. A seed will need in spite of all of 3 essential elements to grow : moisture, a temperature between 20°C and 30°C and darkness.

What is the technique plates ?

In a plate, place your seeds between two sheets of paper towel wet. Then close everything with a second plate to submerge your seeds in the dark. It will be necessary to ensure that the paper remains moist until germination after 2 to 10 days depending on the plant. This method of grand-mother has proven to be successful. Attention, however, to be careful that the cotton fibers present on the paper don't stick to the first radicules of the plant at the time of placing your seed in your grow space.

The technique of glass of water ?

It is probably the simplest technique and the most effective. Put your seeds in a glass of water. At the beginning, your seeds will float. When they will open, they will sink, then you can plant them in your grow space.

Other techniques of germination ?

There are products that are intended to promote the germination of the seeds to initiate an explosive growth. This is the case for example of Dynamite seed. It is a powder mycorrhizal containing 500 propagules per gram of a fungus called Glomus intraradices. Its function is to facilitate the exchange between the nutrient solution, the plant and the soil. The powder coating of the seed will also allow you to germinate your seeds faster.

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What is The cutting ?

The cuttings is, as explained above, to clone the plants that you want to keep the genetics according to the criteria of your choice. This way you will be able to get a culture more organized with each plant identical to its neighbor, if you treat them all the same way. Another aspect of non-negligible propagation : you know in advance the sex of your plant.

The technique of cuttings

There is no 50 techniques for making your cuttings. You will, however, follow certain steps :

  1. Choose a mother plant is a healthy you arroserez 2 days prior to taking cuttings.
  2. Cut twigs of 10 cm to 15 cm with a knife or a scalpel disinfected for the occasion.
  3. Remove the leaves and side shoots, to keep only 2 buds and cut the stem in bevel.
  4. Cut possibly the tip of the leaves to reduce evapotranspiration.
  5. Dip your cuttings in a nutrient solution based on hormones to stem cuttings or in clear water.
  6. Plant the cutting in a specially designed substrate such as coconut coir or rock wool.
  7. Place your cuttings in a greenhouse covered so as to retain a maximum rate of humidity and watering generously.

Now that you have the basics, it only remains for you that to get you started ! For information more detailed, we recommend the comprehensive guide, for beginners, "a Successful procedure " of Clement Griffond editions Encygrow.