Extraction / Intraction: a story of volume and heat

A critical parameter of the culture in interior, a good ventilation will make all the difference and will ensure that your garden turns into a veritable furnace. The extraction will allow you to exhaust hot air and low-CO2 to be able to introduce fresh air from the outside. Nevertheless, it is important to know how to calculate the volume of extraction of its culture chamber, so your ventilation is optimal.

How to calculate the volume of extraction ?

In the case of a growth phase, with lamps in the low-heat, you can calculate the volume of your space by applying the following formula (in meter) :

Length x Width x Height = Volume of the space.

For example, for a box BBS 90x60x180cm :
0,90x0,60x1,80= 0.972m3

We multiply by 60, which corresponds to the volume of air that must be expelled by time.

So 60 x 0.972 = 58.32m3/h.

But the extraction is going to depend mainly on the space in which is placed your tent, outside temperature, but also, and especially, the type oflighting chosen.

How to choose your extractor ?

As we have seen above, the power of the extraction/intraction, will depend in large part on the bulb. Also, here is a table advising you of the intraction and extraction necessary for your lamp HPS/MH. These indications are only valid in the case of a single lamp.

Light Intraction Extraction
MH/HPS 250W 200 m3 250 m3
MH/HPS 400W 300 m3 400 m3
MH/HPS 600W 450 m3 600 m3

Once you find the power you need. It will equip your tent.

- Include an extractor to evacuate the air from your tent (preferably towards the ceiling)

- A vent on the ground (intraction) to boost air circulation.

- Fans in order to homogenize the air in the tent.

Now that you have the basics, it only remains for you that to get you started ! To find all his information, and many others, we recommend the beginner's guide introduction to hydroponics ou the very full The hydroponics for all that will make you the master of the hydroponics !